MediaTalk 12th April on PR: live blog excerpts: David Henderson strategist for News Strategies and a founder of brandjournalism concept

13 Apr

he says that gurus don´t exist in media world, because the world of media is changing constantly
“twitter is passe, digg stumbleupon or quora are big”
“in agencies because of billing there is no time for education”
“the best way to handle negative news is to present them”
he´s talking about GoDaddy CEO shooting an elephant and then being mute about it
and how he should solve it: put the video on the site suggest solutions, communicate with the public
“you can manage a story only by being open and honest about it”
after a question from the public Cristina is showing Vaclav Klaus stealing the pen in Chile video
Euan says that the company producing those pens should use it in their advertising
David:”Klaus should give the pen to somebody who needs a pen, he would show empathy by that”

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