MediaTalk 12th April on PR: live blog excerpts:Ivo Mestanek, Head of PR for CSOB. He used to work for CEZ and Ogilvy

13 Apr
Ivo explains how CSOB is picking their PR agency: they need to be able to cover full range or PR products
conflict of interests often disqualifies loads of agencies

ivo měšťánek
Vaclav comments on the risk of asking current client about entering a tender, because of animosities between current and future client, which can influence the outcome
Ivo: “it would be useful to be able to distribute PR tasks to different companies, because they are experts, on the other hand lot of people prefer one big company which does everything”
Ivo is sharing his experience of looking for a supplier for an online and a paper incompany magazine and how he had to choose two companies in the end, although originally he was looking for one
“after giving a complicated assignment for agencies taking part in the tender, I faced anger from agencies who were not chosen, that they spent time and money for nothing”
Vaclav discusses how to divide time into paid one and one invested into competitions and where is the frontier of difficulty of assigned tasks

David: “nobody cares who agency is, but about what they can deliver”
David quoting Apple senior employee: I don´t incude About at the end of a press release, because if a journalist doesn´t know who we are, he shouldn´t be covering our story”
David: People nowadays buy illusion therefore we buy Apple
Cristina quoting Ivo: future of PR could be splitting work among more agencies
Cristina: How could an agency engage with a client to spread the right and enthusiastic word about them?



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