What is brand journalism?

Are you an organization who strives to create unique and valuable content and share it with the world? Then you’re probably already doing brand journalism.

The concept of brand journalism was first used by David Meerman Scott at the beginning of the 2000s. At the same time, David Henderson, an awarded former news correspondent with CBS and a communication specialist started using the concept in order to enhance the value created by corporate online newsrooms.

“The ultimate key to success for next generation online newsrooms is a constant flow of fresh, credible and appealing news updates, features and photos together with unceasing promotion through social media communities.” (David Henderson)

Essential elements in Brand Journalism

  • social media tools — built into each story to provide for easy commenting, posting to Twitter, e-mailing to a colleague or connecting to any number of social networking sites;
  • news stories — written by working journalists in a concise, balanced and legitimate news style, free of sales pitches and self-promotion;
  • profiles of employees, executives and experts — drafted as appealing features;
  • photos — shot by accomplished photojournalists in order to provide the media with easy access to high-resolution images;
  • contact links — instantly alert specific staff members assigned to media inquiries or questions from customers;
  • search engine optimization (SEO) — runs invisibly and automatically to ping or alert every search engine to new activity and stories and boost all-important search engine ranking.

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