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quote of the day

5 Apr

“Ask any social marketing consultant what the number-one no-no is on Facebook, and he’ll likely tell you it’s “broadcasting” your messages instead of providing fans with relevant content and engaging on an continual basis.” Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make at Yahoo

What is your NO NO on Facebook or any other social site?


quote of the day

4 Apr

Brian Solis, a digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist:

“Social Media represents the democratization of information and the equalization of influence. Therein lies both the challenge and opportunity for organizations. Nowadays, anyone can create, publish, and distribute ideas, observations, news, and information. Content can now travel around the world through a myriad of connected channels and people faster than the time it took you to read this sentence.” (

Think about how you shape your company´s online image. Do you rely on so called “Twinterns”, ignore it (whatever may come) or hire an army social media experts?

quote of the day

1 Apr

Larry Light, McDonald Corp.’s chief marketing officer: “Any single ad, commercial or promotion is not a summary of our strategy. It’s not representative of the brand message. We don’t need one big execution of a big idea. We need one big idea that can be used in a multidimensional, multilayered and multifaceted way.”

Taken from Seth Godin´s blog